104TH BIRTHDAY OF Fr. Marian Zelazek, SVD

The blessed occasion of Father Marin Zelazek’s104th Birthday, January 30, was observed as ‘SadbhavanaDay’ by the people, whom he considered as ‘my people’, with thanks giving prayers, a memorial service and reaching out to the people in Karunalaya Leprosy Care Centre (KLCC), the sick, old and the children,especially to the victims of Hanssen disease. The day’s functions began in Father’s Ashram with a Eucharistic celebration, participated by many people, to thank God for the gift of Father Marian to this world, especially to Puri. We acknowledged, how as a man of God, he inspired us to trustingly look up to God and lovingly reach out to His people, the poor and the suffering, especially the leprosy affected people. We the staff and students of Beatrix school gathered together for a memorial service. We lighted the lamp and paid floral tributes to Father Marian. We sang praises to his blessed name and prayed for his continued blessing upon ‘his people’. We gratefully recalled his love and dedication to the children and the suffering people. Beatrix school is a fruit of his holy vision, hard work and assembling of people of good will for this noble cause. The members of the Ishopanthi Ashram and the staff of Beatrix school visited KLCC and spent time with the school children who are restricted to their homes because of lockdown. With the victims of leprosy, sick and old people, we gratefully remembered how Father Marian helped us to become better humansby giving his life for us all. We concluded the day sharing some sweets with ‘Father’s People’ and praising God for giving us a saint, a holy man in Servant of God Father Marian Zelazek, SVD.